Specialization course in Innovation in Interactive Media.


The course on Innovation in Interactive Media integrates UAB - Open University of Brazil - and is supported by CAPES, being offered free for 7 centers in Goiás cities (Alto Paraiso de Goias, Anapolis, Cezarina, City of Goiás, Inhumas, Possession , Uruaçu).

The course adopts the PBL methodology (Problem Based Learning) and the concept H (or AGA - Learning Management Environment), being offered in distance learning (ODL). There are 18 months of intense exploitation of computational means. The course began in August / 2014 and chooses as key concepts: interactivity, media and innovation.

The technology is discussed from connectivity patterns in a contemporary context. The collaborative approach it is adopted, seeking development of collective intelligence and digital culture, in a context of post-massiveness media. The autonomy of research and heterogeneous processes of learning and training are the keynote practiced on the course, the formation of critical thinking and active front of media resources in the various contexts of social integration, characterizing and unveiling vectors that help thinking and building the future.

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